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Nowhere is the need for a future plan more apparent than in the United States. America's 20/20 Vision: The Reason shows a historical view of America as compared to the great empires before it. The story is set in the year 2020 and is a reflection of the 120 individuals who have built the path to our present reality. These extraordinary individuals help Taylor the fictional scientist determine a corrective action to the year 2006 so that our future 2020 destination can be what our forefathers would have expected from their sacrifice. This is accomplished via the discovery of time travel outside of the paradigm of the speed of light with the help of Taylor’s favorite personality...Albert Einstein.

Unconscious action can lead our nation to the worst of all possible consequences: an unpleasant future we did not anticipate. This novel new category, historic fiction set in the future to change the present, is a literary approach designed to capture a larger reading population in an attempt to spread the word of America’s impending crisis.