ICN Answer®


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The core ideas for the ICN Answer® series come from this book, which applies lessons from Sun Tsu's The Art of War to contemporary business. A company that wants to beat the competition uses military-like strategies – The Art of the Hidden Strategy – to achieve its goals.

In The Art of the Hidden Strategy, I show readers the many inefficiencies of outdated business processes and develop the strategy for creating a relevant approach for a new business paradigm. One of the many topics discussed is how to determine the communication ratio or "comesion™", what I coined as a theoretical measure of communication. I divide communication into three components: content, which is the purpose of the message; coordination, which is the process of coordinating the delivery of the message, and connection, which is the act of delivering the message. I show readers how these "Three C’s" can be carried out with maximum efficiency in order to minimize all forms of miscommunication.