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We often say, "hindsight is 20/20", but why shouldn't foresight be 20/20 as well? Should we accept that important events just randomly happen? Experience has taught me otherwise. My book America's 20/20 Vision: The Plan picks up where The Reason leaves off. I offer a detailed roadmap that explains how we got to the present, America as a model nation and an economic leader. In The Plan, I propose a simple strategy that addresses America's four critical success factors: Security, Infrastructure, Education, and Destination (SIED). The SIED provides a clear exit strategy from the evolutionary and accidental complexity of our Nation – a nation that has a reactive living mentality where we are constantly trapped in protectionism and the rearranging of the status quo.

Are we rearranging the chairs on the Titanic? Whether Obama or McCain is elected, if we keep focused on just managing and protecting the current status quo, then it is a recipe for failure.

The Plan is summarized by this statement: "America needs to Secure our health, our wealth and our nation while we reinvent our Infrastructure and our Education to ensure we reach a favorable Destination – America in the year 2020." This SIED story is just that, a side story statement which asserts that you can be on either side and still support the SIED. Not having a plan is a recipe for failure – the auto manufacturers have proven that. They protected themselves into oblivion. A future plan will be a step-function improvement over what we currently have. For example, if we create a whole new infrastructure then that alone creates a wealth of jobs and opportunities.

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