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The SAIP™ of Things to Come A Life at 212 Degrees The Art of the Hidden Strategy Transparent Visibility: The Manifestation America's 20/20 Vision: The Reason America's 20/20 Vision: The Plan

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Part of the "I" Series – INDIVIDUALS

WRight Your Life Discover how to build a better balance in your life with specific actions you can take today.

A Life at 212° is a memoir of the founder of Transparent Visibility and recounts his 212 degree moments.


Part of the "C" Series – COMPANY

The Art of the Hidden Strategy provides detailed information on growing a company from conception to exit.

Transparent Visibility: The Manifestation provides an example of a company that prospers by applying the principles of The Art of the Hidden Strategy.


Part of the "N" Series – NATION

America’s 20/20 Vision: The Reason portrays the United States alongside past empires in building a case for a future plan for America.

America’s 20/20: The Plan details a plan for renewing the greatness of the United States.