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Hear the inspirational story of ICNAnswer® President, Dennis Firenze.

ICN Answer Books

The ICN Answer®  Series provides tools and methods to help INDIVIDUALS, COMPANIES and NATIONS find better balance in their lives, and to fine-tune their futures.  The series illuminates the path to achievement for INDIVIDUALS, COMPANIES and NATIONS.  One must pave this path with planning; we all know this, but what we don’t know is how do we plan?  You’ll find the specific steps you need to take, and examples of those who have followed followed these steps within the ICNAnswer™ Series.

For our life success requires us to develop ourselves first, subsequently our Companies and Nations grow through the Individuals that serve them.

We at ICN Answer are proud to offer services for the development of the Individual, Company and Nation.

ICN Answer® is dedicated to serving YOU to be the best you can be with the "How to" methods for realizing your dreams through building a balanced productive life.

It all starts with YOU and taking a step towards your own LET ME C N Answer too!


These books are in various stages of publication.  Throughout the series we see three common obstacles which individuals, companies and nations must overcome in order to begin effectively planning a solid future.  These obstacles include:

  • A reluctance to change.  Only by breaking free from conventional routine can individuals and groups be proactive and visionary.
  • Short-sightedness.  In order to achieve long-term success, you must carefully analyze the business environment and history of any given situation.
  • A lack of unity.  As individuals, we must reconcile our conflicting motivations.  As groups, we must unite our conflicting factions.

Planning is the answer to all of these problems.  The ICN Answer®  Series shows you not only why planning is necessary, but also how to undertake the process of planning a solid and successful future.

Whether we are planning for ourselves, our companies or the United States of America, I emphasize that what distinguishes the mediocre from the excellent can be as small as one degree of difference.  In a handshake, it may be sincerity; after a meeting, a follow-up phone call; it can be taking the time to visit your mother when you think you’re too busy.  One degree is the difference between hot water and a rolling boil.

In all that you do, one degree of distinction is all the difference in the world.

Press Releases:

Transparent Visibility hires Dennis Firenze as President of its ICN Answer®  Series Division